Studio 519 Schedule

Below you can see the times Studio 519 is in use for the coming week

Studio A In Use

(8am - 8pm)

Studio B In Use

(8am - 8pm)


(8am - 8pm)


(8am - 5pm)

Studio Closed

Before Submitting Please Read the Following

Go through this self check list to make sure you have the Production Information that would be required to produce your show/content.

 1. Producing and Content - This is your Show/Content, it is up to you to create a run of show, set up interviews (if any),  and otherwise coordinate all aspects of your show. If you have any media (videos, music, etc) make sure that content is known and setup prior to filming to speed up production times while in the Studio. (Sending Files via Email last second is not recommended as server time could vary.)

 2. Crew and Staff - Continuing from above, do you have a crew that will need training in the studio to use the equipment? We at Studio 519 can provide assistance when needed, but as Public Access we strive and aim to push productions to learn the facility and the equipment to create a smooth production for their content. We will have crewmembers on site to oversee and answer any questions if needed during each production.

3. Pre Meeting - Every Submission will require a meeting at the Studio, with a representative, before production can take place,  keep this is mind when applying for a date/time to use the Studio. Quick 1-2 day turn around of Submissions for use of Studio are not recommended .

4. HARD DRIVE - To make operations smoother during using Studio Time make sure that you bring a Hard Drive with at least 100 GB of free space to copy your content onto. This is due to the fact that the studio records in High Quality, and copying to a Hard Drive takes minutes vs Thumb Drives that could take up to a few hours.

Start Time
End Time

* All Reservations must be made at least 72 Hours in advance.

Before submitting please follow the link, read, and agree to BOTH the Studio Code of Conduct and the Public Access Program Guidelines​,