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Studio 519 Schedule

Below you can see the times Studio 519 is in use for the coming week

Studio A In Use

Studio B In Use


(8am - 5pm)


Studio Closed

Before Submitting Please Read the Rules Below

1. Submissions are limited to 4 hours per request. If you require longer times please consider requesting multiple days.

2. All Reservations or Alterations to Reservations for the upcoming week (Mon-Sat) must be made
BY THE SUNDAY of the upcoming week. 

3. All Show Reservations for a New Show must have a scheduled pre-meeting with a Studio Manager before time of booking.

4. Please bring a Hard Drive formatted ExFat to the Studio the day of shooting to copy your files after your shoot is done. We will hold files for no more than 2 weeks after the initial filming date.


Before Continuing Please Select Which Channel of Public Access This Submission Will Be In Regards To.

Start Time
End Time

* All Reservations must be made at least 5 Days Prior to Shooting.

Before submitting please follow the link, read, and agree to BOTH the Studio Code of Conduct and the Public Access Program Guidelines​, 

Thank You For Submitting, A Representative of Studio 519 shall be contacting you via your information above once the request has been reviewed.

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