Studio 519 Schedule

Below you can see the times Studio 519 is in use for the coming week

Studio A (Main Studio) Schedule

(8am - 8pm)

Studio A In Use


Studio Closed

Studio B (Small Studio) Schedule

(8am - 8pm)

Studio B In Use

Studio Closed

Edit Bay Schedule

(8am - 8pm)


(8am - 5pm)

Studio Closed

Before Submitting Please Read the Rules Below

1. Due to High Demand, we future submissions will be limited to 4 hours per show. If you require longer times please consider requesting multiple days.

2. All Reservations or Alterations to Reservations must be made 5 days in advanced as to allow optimal time for crew managers to be at the Studio.

3. All Show Reservations for a New Show must have a scheduled pre-meeting with a Studio Manager before time of booking.

4. Please bring a Hard Drive formatted ExFat to the Studio the day of shooting to copy your files after your shoot is done.


Before Continuing Please Select Which Channel of Public Access This Submission Will Be In Regards To.

Start Time
End Time

* All Reservations must be made at least 5 Days Prior to Shooting.

Before submitting please follow the link, read, and agree to BOTH the Studio Code of Conduct and the Public Access Program Guidelines​, 

Thank You For Submitting, A Representative of Studio 519 shall be contacting you via your information above once the request has been reviewed.

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