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Studio 519 Schedule

Below you can see the times Studio 519 is in use for the coming week

Studio A In Use
(Mon - Sat)

Studio B In Use
(Mon - Sat)

Podcast Studio In Use
(Mon - Sat)

Editing (Mon- Fri)

(8am - 5pm)

Meeting (Mon - Fri)

Training Session

Studio Closed


1. If you are booking a TOUR of the facility, all requests must be made by the SUNDAY Prior to the request scheduled, and under the "Request Type" Menu Select "Studio Tour" (Required before First Day of STUDIO USE)

2. If you are booking STUDIO/EDITING USE, all requests must be made by the SUNDAY Prior to the request scheduled time, and under the "Request Type" Menu Select "Studio/Editing Use" (Tour REQUIRED before First Day of STUDIO USE.)

3. STUDIO/EDITING USE can only be used if the content being produced will be premiered on the Public Access channels. You may use your content on your personal channels as well, but the content must be available to the Studio shortly after date of filming. If content is not delivered, future requests for Studio Usage will be limited.

4. STUDIO/EDITING USE requests are limited to scheduling at maximum of 45 days out from current date.

5. If you are producing a show that is NEW to the studio it is REQUIRED your first day of filming be a REHEARSAL, this Rehearsal may be used as your first episode if completed, or  you may schedule a full production after you have completed your REHEARSAL.

6. Studio Use Submissions are limited to 4 hours per day. 

7. If you are planning to book a show on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, we ask to stick to Monday-Friday submissions as we try to hold Saturday's for larger One Off sessions.

8. After submission you will receive a confirmation email within 48 hours from one of our managers clarifying that your time has been booked. If you do not receive a confirmation within that time, your request may have not gone through or is under further review. Feel free to resubmit a second time and we will follow up with you before booking your Studio time.

9. Please bring a Hard Drive formatted ExFat to the Studio the day of shooting to copy your files after your shoot is done. We will hold files for no more than 2 weeks after the initial filming date.

Still Unsure of which Studio Space is right for you? Click Below for more Detail!

Studio Space Details.png

Before Continuing Please Select Which Channel of Public Access This Submission Will Be In Regards To.

*This name will be displayed on your time on the calendar.
This is for City Security, refrain from using middle name.

Start Time
End Time

Before submitting please follow the link, read, and agree to BOTH the Studio Code of Conduct and the Public Access Program Guidelines​, 

Thank You For Submitting, A Representative of Studio 519 shall be contacting you via your information above once the request has been reviewed.

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