Studio 519

Welcome to Studio 519 Public Access Channel 27. This project has been designed to bring public access original content and studio/equipment rentals to the citizens of the 505. We have built out the studio to be user friendly and be a welcoming addition to the downtown Central Ave area. This page serves as your one stop location for everything Studio 519, from this page you will be able request studio time, upload pre-produced content, or contact us directly.

Look around and see what Studio 519 has to offer.

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And welcome to Studio 519 Public Access Channel 27

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Schedule Your Time

Studio 519 has been remodeled and designed to train and direct those interested in using the facility to create new content.

We provide a layout of the daily reservations on this website in our calendar portion of the site. To access the calendar or to send in a request to reserve a timeslot to come use the facility, please click the "Schedule" button to access the page.


Content Upload

Studio 519 is also providing an avenue for content creators to have another platform for distributing their content. With this in mind this web page provides you with the ability to upload already created content to be reviewed and scheduled into Channel 27's already existing catalog of content.

If you have content that you would like to see on our channel, and that follows the specs listed for airing. Click the "Upload content Here" button to access the form.


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